Writing a Thesis Statement

The purpose a thesis is to provide an explanation to the reader so they understand exactly what you’re trying to explain, or the main point.  The thesis statement is not required in every essay, but in essays where it is required, it will likely be an important part of your overall grade. The statement should tell the reader the topic you’re planning on discussing and offer a brief description of what you’re planning to discuss regarding it.  The main topic should be clear and separate from the rest of the essay.  The thesis statement will  be the descriptive outline of the remaining part of the essay. 

The thesis should not be too common.  Readers will lose interest if the information that’s being provided is too common.  Be pay someone to do my homework to choose a topic that is not too broad or too easily researched by others.  It can be difficult to come up with an original thesis statement.  Finally, be smart when choosing the wording for your thesis, but avoid using words that are too big or lengthy.  This will be boring to the reader and will look as if you are trying to sound smarter than everyone else.  It’s important that you not extend the length of your essay with the use of long, drawn-out paragraphs or big words.

Make sure you have a good opening hook (the beginning sentence should immediately grab the reader and make him or her want to read further).  It’s your job as a writer to keep the reader entranced with what you’ve written.  Have a friend of family member read through the thesis to make sure it reads well.