PetSafe No-Bark Collar PBC-102 Review

PetSafe offers a top of the line no bark collar at a very moderate price. The PetSafe No-Bark Collar, PBC-102 is an adjustable nylon collar that sends a very harmless shock to the dog whenever it barks. When this happens, your dog will realize that their behavior is not a good thing. Since the collar sends harmless shocks and has a safety feature for particularly yappy dogs, this is a good bark collar for every breed. This collar has a lot of great features that makes it attractive.

PetSafe No-Bark Collar PBC-102 Features

Accurate: This anti bark collar is very accurate and only activates when the dog’s throat vibrates from barking.

Adjustable: The PBC-102 has an adjustable nylon collar that will fit a very small or large dog.

Beep: Instead of just using a shock, this collar includes a loud beep. This will further enforce the correction.

Lightweight: Little dogs need very light collars so they do not get strained. Weighing just 2.3 ounces makes it barely noticeable to any dog.

Gentle Shock: This collar has a very light static shock which it uses to correct the animal. Since bark collar reviews is very gentle, no harm is done to your dog.

Progressive: If a dog barks in succession, the collar will increase its correction. The 6 levels of succession are increased if an animal barks more than once in a thirty second span.

Safety: To combat the progressive behavior of the collar, a safety shutoff has been incorporated. If a dog barks more than 15 times within a 50 minute time span, the collar will automatically shut itself off for a 3 minute time period. This ensures our four legged friends are comfortable and do not get over shocked.

Waterproof: Snow and water are not an issue with this collar. It is waterproof, allowing it to be used in even the harshest weather.

Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty allows for easy replacement if any problems occur.

Weight Range: This no bark collar can be used on dogs between the weight range of 15 – 120 pounds.

A Safe Anti Bark Collar

The PetSafe No-Bark Collar, PBC-102 is a highly recommended collar. PetSafe has gone above and beyond, adding features that will enhance corrections of a dog while protecting them from over use. Reviews have stated that this collar can stop dogs from barking within two days. The downside of the PBC-102 is that you have to buy your own batteries. However, the cheaper price and advanced bark stopping trumps the price of the batteries.